Tonjé is a creative producer and an entrepreneur. Currently mentor at The Family in Paris. He founded the digital media company Afrostream, incubated in 2015 in Silicon Valley at the prestigious Y Combinator.




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Tonjé Bakang is a very determined man (...) He is a shooting star that is not ready to stop shining.


I have had every relationship with Tonjé. He was first a graduate of Koudetat, then an Entrepreneur, then an associate and then a friend. Each time I found someone who was loyal, gifted and incredibly supportive. He has so much to share, so much to teach. I am happy that today he is sharing all this with all of you!


Tonjé is very good at identifying what makes something compelling - even if it’s as simple as a single image or more complex, like a full on production. Making work compelling is important in a world with so many distractions, because ‘compelling’ is what makes audiences lean in, listen and stop scrolling.


Thank you for helping to make our Bloomberg Business Forum such a success (...) Many thanks for your hard work.

Thank you! I will share more videos with you

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